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  • Take the shot!

    Got a camera? Well that's the first step into telling the 459th Air Refueling Wing story. As wonderful as the 459th ARW Public Affairs office is, we have yet to master the super power of being everywhere at all times ... we're working on that. In order to tell all of the outstanding things that

  • Wing CC: Stay on course with fitness regimen

    A topic of interest to me, particularly since completing two tours in the area of responsibility, is fitness. Now I am no Olympic athlete, but I have always personally thought being relatively fit was important. I try to keep my weight under control and exercise when able. I have to admit I was very

  • Get ready to vote ... now!

    Isn't this one of the most exciting times in American presidential campaign history? So much energy and interest has been generated this election year by both of America's major political parties. And all you have to do to be a part of this developing history is vote! But to vote for your candidate,

  • Are you ready for 'mo?'

    Your orders just arrived in the mail today. Sixty days away from your family, what are you going to do? So many questions are going through your mind. Who is going to pick up your child from preschool? What happens if your spouse gets sick? Are your spouse and your child enrolled in Defense

  • Make safety a priority at work, home

    As your new commander, I want to make my safety policy clear. We cannot afford for you to get injured or worse. Your families can't afford for you to get injured or worse. You don't want to be injured or worse. Be smart, do it right, take your time, watch out for your buddies. That's a common sense

  • Are you a warrior?

    A warrior you say? You may be thinking, "I am not a Soldier or a Marine!" You are right, we are Airmen, and we are all warriors! Just because we don't all shoot guns at bad guys or drop bombs on targets does not mean we aren't warriors. Webster's Dictionary defines warrior as, "a person engaged or

  • What the 101 Critical Days of Summer mean to me

    As a pre-teen in the late 50's, the first day of summer meant no school for an eternity. The schoolbooks teachers said I could keep all conveniently got lost on the way home. Summers were mostly about doing chores in the morning, followed by being chased out of the house so mom could watch her

  • Reservist makes unique contribution to fellow service members

    When you make the decision to join the military, you play a significant role as an American citizen. When I signed up to become a Airman, I did so with the intent of giving back to my country. I didn't realize that there are many other ways to contribute. As some of you may know, I was a Washington

  • ESGR -- for the forgotten Wingman

    You're home now. Your deployment is behind you. Just as you were challenged with landing, quickly adapting, and performing a war-fighting mission, your challenge is now to turn in your weapon, get back into that peacetime routine, and catch up with life. While you were gone, your family and friends

  • Exec gains Wingman insight from wildlife rescue

    I was stationed at Hurlburt Field Air Force Base, Fla., in the 1990s as an executive officer for the 832nd RED HORSE Squadron. One day, I'm sitting at my desk, plowing through paperwork, awards, and general correspondence, when a non-commissioned officer appeared and said, "Sir, I found something