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  • The 459th Command Chief shares Women's History Month Reflection

    Women’s History Month is an opportunity to remember, recognize, and celebrate the contributions and accomplishments women have made in society. In the United States specifically, women have fought over the years for many rights, including having a seat at the table to have our voices heard for

  • The Importance of the Air Force Core Values

    From time to time we are all reminded of the Air Force’s three Core Values - Integrity First, Service Before Self, and Excellence in All We Do.  Whether in a Commander’s Call, a Professional Military Education graduation, or a retirement ceremony, it is common practice to discuss the words and the

  • Commentary: Deployment 101

    Earlier this month, I had the privilege of witnessing deployers from the 507th Operations Support Squadron reunite with their loved ones at the end of their deployment. My wife was a key spouse providing information and communication to families to ensure a smooth transition for everyone. Later, we

  • The day America lost its innocence

    I was nine years old. I looked up into the blue, September sky, and saw a plane flying overhead. I thought about the people inside, who they were, where they were going, and why they weren't about to go to school like me. I often looked at planes; this was not out of the ordinary for a child who had

  • Give a gluten-free diet a try

    Back in December I wrote a commentary entitled "Drastic Measures for Drastic Results...User Beware!" and I received many questions regarding my #3 challenge to "Eliminate all wheat products (pasta, bread) with gluten and focus on gluten free products and whole grains like rice."So I would like to

  • Total Force continues to answer the call

    The Air Force has experienced a great deal during the past 10 years. The numerous contingency and crisis actions around the world requiring Air Force assets and assistance continue to stress the need for airpower, and the Total Force continues to answer the call.With the active component asked to do

  • A way out: My journey from the brink of suicide

    I recently celebrated two important anniversaries. On Jan. 30, 2010, I decided when and how I was going to end my life. The night before, I went to bed and slept for two hours, as I had for the previous nine or so months. Once I was sure my wife was asleep, I got out my laptop and researched how

  • Holiday message from the commander

    Liberators,As we celebrate the holidays, please take a moment to remember your call to serve and deploy in harm's way, faithfully defending. Be proud of your service and dedication and your family's sacrifice to our nation's defense as Citizen Airmen. As I reflect on our accomplishments over

  • Drastic measures for drastic results: user beware!

    There has been and continues to be a considerable amount of buzz regarding revisions to Air Force fitness testing standards this year. What will this mean to unit readiness? What will this mean to individual careers? According to Air Force senior leaders, during the three months following the launch

  • An opportunity to serve

    (editor's note: Col. James A. Gray is currently deployed to Southwest Asia)Recently I had the opportunity to serve overseas and directly support our efforts in the Central Command Area of Responsibility at one of the largest and most active bases in the world. While I have 27 years of service with