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  • 459th ASTS medical officer supports EHR system swap for DoD

    Capt. Yemi Arunsi, 459th Aeromedical Staging Squadron Officer in Charge of Inspections, is supporting the transition of DoD’s current electronic health records system to the new Military Health System GENESIS.“I am providing support within the revenue cycle platform,” Arunsi said. “It involves health information management, medical supply chain,
  • Commentary: watching out for lost wingmen

    6,079. That’s the number of veteran suicides for 2016, the most recent year reported. In some ways it’s just a random number and hard to put into any type of perspective. In many ways it’s sobering, sad, disturbing and disappointing. There will probably never be answers for the question of why people commit suicide.
  • First Air Force Total Force Recruiting School graduation a milestone toward integration

    As the Air Force moves forward on making recruiting a Total Force concept, it reached a landmark Feb. 22, with the first Total Force graduating class at the recruiting schoolhouse.
  • A pain in the brain may be a migraine

    For sufferers of migraines, the term “bad headache” doesn’t come close to describing their experience. The pounding, pulsing ache can take over the entire head. Migraines can be relentless, affecting vision and balance, coursing to the stomach and beyond, and lasting for days or weeks if untreated.“A higher percentage of women than men suffer from
  • There is help for anyone caring for a service member

    It’s likely at some point in life one will hear a phrase like, “two heads are better than one” or “teamwork makes the dream work.” However, phrases like these all boil down to a simple four letter word, help.This November during Warrior Care Month, where we salute the warriors and those that support them in their recovery, we want to highlight a
  • Assumption of Command

    Col. Roger R. Stoeckmann, commander of the 459th Mission Support Group, passes the guidon to Maj. Billy J. Ancheta, commander of the 459th Force Support Squadron, during an assumption of command ceremony at Joint Base Andrews, Maryland, Feb. 9, 2019. Ancheta’s previous assignment was with the Force Visibility Branch for the Generation Center where
  • Applying Irregular Warfare Principles to Cyber Warfare

    Cyberspace is a relatively new warfighting domain which does not conform to the physical limitations of land, sea, air or space. The faceless, borderless and sometimes nationless actors in cyberspace are unrestricted by natural geographic boundaries and traditional rules of war. However, by applying the principles of Irregular Warfare and integrating cyberspace operations across other domains, the Joint Force can optimize resource allocation and improve the effectiveness of cyber power. As cyberspace continues to evolve and expand as a warfighting domain, military leaders and cyber strategists should incorporate unconventional approaches and hybrid warfare in support of national objectives.
  • A Cyber Force for Persistent Operations

    Persistent engagement and forward defense are two key concepts in this article by General Paul Nakasone, Commander of USCYBERCOM. This means remaining in constant contact with adversaries while operating as close to them as possible. The idea is to support the National Security Strategy and protect the DOD Information Network while denying advantage to adversaries so the Joint Force can conduct secure operations. Although cyberspace represents a new strategic environment, Nakasone says USCYBERCOM is maturing as a combatant command, transitioning from force generation to sustained readiness for persistent engagement with cyber adversaries.
  • National Museum of the U.S. Air Force announces 36th Annual Student Aviation Art Competition

    The National Museum of the U.S. Air Force’s 36th Annual Student Aviation Art Competition will be open on March 1 to students from around the country.The theme for this year’s competition focuses on the fact that July 2019 marks 50 years since humans first walked upon any surface other than planet Earth. On July 20, 1969, as part of the Apollo 11
  • 459 ARW Commander, Col. Douglas E. Gullion, letter on recent loss of Wing member

    Liberators,It is with great sorrow that I must inform you we lost a member of the 459 ARW family this past weekend.  While each of us manages loss in our own way, grief is a natural response.  Please assist me in ensuring that we’re vigilant and supportive of one another during this difficult time.   When confronting loss, as well as life’s other