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  • Keep perceptions from becoming reality

    A rose appears to be beautiful and healthy until it starts to show signs of sickness. By looking at the rose, we may guess at the cause of the sickness. "It's sick because it's not getting enough water, sunlight, or nutrients." Well, which is it? How do we determine the true cause? Examine the

  • Unrivaled Wingmen of the Air Force Reserve

    President Harry Truman directed in the National Security Act of 1947 that the services revitalize their reserve programs. Since its inception in April 1948, the Air Force Reserve has evolved from a mobilization-only force into an Operational Reserve integrated 24/7 with the active Air Force.

  • Little Blue Book

    On my desk is a simple reminder of what it is that we, as members of this United States Air Force, are about. A small pamphlet titled, "United States Air Force Core Values, 1 January 1997." This is my technical order for providing Superior Service each and every day. On the first page it reads: "The

  • The Boomer moves solely to Web

    As editor of the The Boomer, I've had the privilege of getting to learn about many career fields here at the wing, but more importantly, I've gotten to tell the Air Force stories of dozens of Reservists, civilians and family members. One of the hardest decisions an editor has to make is not

  • Discharge board requires thought, responsibility

    Recently, I answered the call for volunteers to sit on various discharge boards. I figured, "What the heck, anyone can sit and listen and make a decision ... I'm perfect!" I was told where to report and to be prepared for up to two days of sitting and listening. I was also given homework -- about

  • I love your purse … just not in uniform

    The Air Force uniform carries on a long-standing tradition, one that identifies the person as a member of a historical unit, a close-knit society, quietly assured of his or her competence and professionalism. When in uniform, you are not only an individual, but representative of the Air Force as a

  • MEO chief pledges open door policy at wing

    "A small group of thoughtful people could change the world. Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has," cultural anthropologist Margaret Mead said. My vision is that the 459th Air Refueling Wing functions and operates as a small group of thoughtful people intending to change the world for the

  • Get fit to fight -- stay fit for life

    (Editor's note: Senior Airman Jessica Andrews is a Unit Public Affairs Representative and an Air Force diet therapist in the nutritional medicine field. See your doctor before beginning any radical new fitness routine or regimen.) In some cases, even enemy flyers don't strike the fear in Airmen the

  • A little recognition goes a long way

    Did you know that recognition is a huge motivational factor? Well I knew that it was, but an organizational behavior class I recently completed reemphasized the concept. Fifteen hundred employees were surveyed in a variety of work settings to find out what they considered to be the most powerful