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  • NCOA veterans helping veterans

    Are you planning to separate or retire from military service in the near future? Got employment? Do you know who to contact? Where to go? When to start making your plans? Or better yet, how to go about looking for employment opportunities? The Noncommissioned Officers Associations Veterans Employment Assistance is another viable option for you and
  • Communication is more than talk

    There are a handful in the 459th Air Refueling Wing who possess skills and responsibilities that keep the unit “connected.” Their jobs are so vital than without them many actions and processes would come to a screeching halt. Who are these mystery men and women who work behind the scenes at commander’s calls and make sure everyone else’s work gets
  • Services mission stands out from the rest

    Every now and then, Reserve units are lucky enough to snag one of those few select Airmen whose dedication to service and the mission stands apart from the rest. You know the type, first to come and last to leave: masters of multiple trades and skills; seasoned and prepared for world deployments; and willingly ready to serve no matter how big or
  • Member embraces new home, cherishes liberty

    “Life without the breath of liberty is no life.” Those were the words that inspired Senior Airman Papa Faal in his quest to fulfill a childhood dream—to become a U.S. citizen. From The Gambia, one of the smallest countries in the western part of Africa, the 459th Military Personnel Flight relocations specialist explained that it was a privilege