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  • BAH re-certification

    In accordance with AFMAN-65-116V1, Chapter 32, para. 1, Basic Allowance for Housing re-certification is required every four years. Wing members will receive instruction and guidance during the October UTA. Members must complete and return supporting documentation before or during the November UTA. Failure to return the form within 30 days will
  • Spouse takes part in ‘Service Before Self’ concept

    Spouses routinely embody the Air Force core values and play an integral role in the success of those who serve in uniform. For the 69th Aerial Port Squadron's Senior Airman Cassandra Brandon, her spouse, Brian Brandon, went above and beyond to support deployed Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines who are currently serving around the world. When he
  • Reserve medical unit performs mass casualty exercise

    Practice does not always make perfect, but in the real world where Airmen must simultaneously treat multiple casualties, it can be a life-saving difference. Instead of a sterile environment of folding tables, index cards, and sticky notes, the latest mass-casualty exercise conducted here Sept. 9 had it all: the sights, sounds, and smells of
  • Going the distance

    After seven days of bicycling nearly 500 miles across Iowa, the 148-member Air Force Cycling Team rode into the final stop at Bellevue, Iowa, July 28 amidst a cheering crowd of hundreds. A police escort led the two-column formation as spectators cheered "Go Air Force" and took photographs of the riders. The final stop concluded their participation
  • Honorary commanders bring support, experience to wing

    Today's military boasts a wide spectrum of supporters, some who may not wear the uniform, but are just as dedicated to the mission as those who do. One of several wing community relations programs, the Honorary Commander's Program is way to give thanks to community leaders who in turn carry the message of the military mission back to neighborhoods
  • Remember Women's Equality Day

    On Aug. 26, 1920, the 19th Amendment to our Constitution was ratified, marking a turning point for American women and guaranteeing their right to vote. We celebrate this milestone as Women's Equality Day and pay tribute to those who stepped forward and demanded that our nation live up to its founding principle of equality for all. The fight for
  • Crowd pleasing 'in the bag' for Air Force Reserve Pipe Band

    Bagpipes are not uncommon in the Cotswold region of the United Kingdom; however, when the sound is coming from a group of American bagpipers and drummers, particularly the United States Air Force Reserve Pipe Band, the atmosphere attracts a little more attention. Advertised as one of the spotlight ground performances of the 2007 Royal International
  • Wheels up for aeromedical technicians

    During a low-level assault maneuver in Southern Afghanistan, July 20, special operations forces and Army rangers came under small arms and artillery fire from enemy forces. In another incident, an ACH-470 Chinook helicopter loaded with troops and cargo hit ground fire from stinger missiles. The Chinook crash landed. The survivors were evacuated in