New golf course access procedures

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  • By 11th Wing
  • Security Forces
On Jan. 1, 2016, Joint Base Andrews implemented new entry procedures for non-base affiliated personnel visiting the Courses at Andrews.

The entry procedures for non-base affiliated golfing guests require them to submit information for a National Criminal Information Center background check.

Visiting golfers (non-base affiliated) can be preannounced by a DOD ID card holder or an authorized golf course patron by sending an Unofficial Visitor Entry Request Form from an encrypted email (.mil) account to the Visitor Control Center organizational email box.  Otherwise, sponsors may hand carry the form into the VCC 72 hours prior to the start date.

If the form is received 72 hours in advance, the sponsor will be notified if and when the request is approved or denied. Once approved, guest will be placed on the Base Access List with a unique identifier granting them access only through the Virginia Gate.  The guest will arrive at the Virginia Gate and have their state-issued ID cross-referenced against the Base Access List by the gate sentry.  Once verified, the guest will be allowed entry onto the golf course.

If the request cannot be submitted 72 hours in advance, both the sponsor and guests must arrive at the VCC together, complete the request form and sign in until they can be serviced by one of the VCC clerks.  If approved for access, guests will be given a pass indicating they have been vetted which authorizes them access through Virginia Gate and onto the golf course.

The gate sentry will collect the pass for accountability by the VCC.

Click here for the Unofficial Visitor Entry Request Form.