Personnel Records Display Application (PRDA)

  • Published
  • By Major Arthur Rodi
  • 459th Mission Support Group Commander
Many of you know that the MPF went through the process of reviewing your "record" (UPRG) and sent it to ARPC to be scanned into an electronic record. Well, this process is complete.

The information below is how to obtain your personal record and if you are in a position of commander, supervisor, first sergeant, CSS you have been identified by your commander as requiring access to others' records.

The 459 ARW Wing POC is SrA Laquetta Robinson and can be reached at DSN 857-9473 or Commercial 240-857-9473. The PRDA USER's manual will assist you in navigating through PRDA.

The Personnel Records Display Application (PRDA) pronounced PRaDA, is an electronic viewer for the Automated Records Management System (ARMS). PRDA contains Role Based Access (RBA) which will allow members, commanders, supervisors, first sergeants and many more access in the performance of their official duties and within their jurisdiction (PAS Code) to view both enlisted and officer Unit Personnel Record groups and in some cases the selection folder.

In some cases the access and/or jurisdiction will have to be manually assigned while in many cases is derived from the data in the Military Personnel Data System (MilPDS), the Defense Civilian Personnel Data Base (DCPDS), and the Air Force Promotion System (AFPROMS).

If you have used the Airman Development Plan (ADP) Application, PRDA is the tab just
below ADP.

Penalties for Misuse of Military Personnel Records:
The Privacy Act of 1974. IAW AFI 36-2608, Military Personnel Records System, Military Personnel Records contain personal and privileged information and may only be disclosed to authorize persons conducting official Air Force business. Authority to obtain copies of, information from, and/or access data in the PRDA is limited to those persons with an official requirement for the information.

Documents within the Personnel Record are not to be further furnished or transferred to anyone not conducting an official Air Force action pertaining to the document(s). The Privacy Act of 1974 (Title 5, U.S.C., Section 552a) provides for criminal penalties against anyone who discloses information to unauthorized persons. Anyone who obtains information about an individual under false pretences may also be subject to criminal penalties enforceable under Article 134, UCMJ. Individuals in the performance of their official duties may make or download copies of a member's record; however, third party Privacy Act must be removed IAW AFI 33-332, Privacy Act Program. Under the Privacy Act of 1974, persons who knowingly and willfully disclose personal information from an Air Force record, regardless of media, to a person or agency not entitled to receive it, without the advance consent of the subject of the record, are subject to a fine.

Safeguarding Military Personnel Records and Documents

User access is permitted only after validation of the need for that access. The Customer Support Section remains the custodian of access to Personnel Records and is the approval authority for all manual roles. Advise all levels of commanders they must ensure individuals under their command receive only the minimum access they need to complete official Air Force business. Refer to AFI 36-2608, Personnel Records, for management and disposition instructions for documents and forms listed in PRDA.