Air Reserve Component Retirement Pay Applications Transition to myFSS

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AIR RESERVE PERSONNEL CENTER - Headquarters AF/A1 is in the process of transitioning all personnel systems currently located on the myPers website onto two new platforms, myFSS and MyVector. This Digital Transformation Initiative directly impacts how we serve Airmen and, as such, it is the number one priority for the Headquarters Air Reserve Personnel Center.

As a result of this digital transformation, the submission of Air Reserve Component Retirement Pay Applications is transferring from the current myPers platform to a new platform called myFSS no later than 1 May 2023. The myFSS platform was created to ensure consistent communication between HQ ARPC and customers in the gray area. Customers will use it to inquire on personnel records and requests. 

Most importantly, the myFSS retirement application has been developed to simplify routing of retirement source documents to HQ ARPC, who will in turn coordinate with DFAS to begin retirement payments.

All Reserve and Air National Guard “Gray Area” retirees will need to log into myFSS through any commercial browser or device and obtain a Username/Password by following the steps below:

Gray Area Retirees are members who served in the Air National Guard or Air Force Reserve, are qualified for retired pay, and have retired from their service (stopped drilling) but are not yet at the age where they can start receiving retired pay.

  1. Log into myFSS (link:
  2. Click “First-time Non-CAC User Registration” and follow prompts to obtain a username/password.

This will be our primary means of communication prior to reaching your retirement pay age.  The Reserve and Air National Guard “Gray Area” Retiree’s Application Process is as follows:

  1. Log into myFSS (Link:
  2. Complete/Sign DD Form 2656 (Save in PDF format)
  3. Click on "myRetirements"
  4. Click on "ARC Retirements"
  5. Proceed to Knowledge Articles/Application as applicable

We appreciate your patience as we transition to new systems. We will provide additional information as we continue to implement these digital transformation initiatives. Any questions about the processing of your retirement pay application can be directed to the Total Force Service Center at 1-800-525-0102. You will find further updates and additional resources below.

Retirements (

Air Force Gray Area Retirees (