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Members of the Air Force JAG Corps continue to make significant contributions to academic discourse and dialogue, a sample of which is listed below from Calendar Year 2022.


Air Force JAG Corps Scholarly Articles and Writings

Colonel Matthew T. King, Olive Branches or Fig Leaves: A Cooperation Dilemma for Great Power Competition in Space, 12 J. Nat'l Sec. L. & Pol'y 417 (2022),

Colonel Theodore Richard, On the Legal Presumptions of Civilian Status: A Rebuttal In Support of the DoD ManualLawfire (Mar. 29, 2022),

Lieutenant Colonel Ross Brown, How to Respond to Gray Zone Aggression in the Indo-PacificThe Diplomat (Feb. 19, 2022),

Lieutenant Colonel Royal A. Davis III, Mr. Jeffrey T. Biller & Cyber Law Primer Team, Air Force Cyber Law Primer (2022),

Lieutenant Colonel John Goehring, The Legality of Intermingling Military and Civilian Capabilities in SpaceArticles of War (Oct. 17, 2022),

Lieutenant Colonel John Goehring, The Russian ASAT Test Caps a Bad Year for the Due Regard Principle in SpaceJust Security, (Jan. 12, 2022),

Lieutenant Colonel Jay Jackson & Major Kenneth "Daniel" Jones, USA, Ukraine Symposium - Lawful Use of Nuclear WeaponsArticles of War (April 26, 2022),

Lieutenant Colonel Daniel Schoeni, Airman, Iowan, Lawyer, Mensch: A Portrait of Maj. Gen. (USAF ret.) Walter D. Reed, 1924-2022, 82 The Iowa Lawyer, no. 10, Oct. 31, 2022,

Lieutenant Colonel Daniel Schoeni, Government Contracts Law as an Instrument of National Power: A Perspective from the Department of the Air Force, 51 Pub. Cont. L. J. 553 (2022),

Lieutenant Colonel Daniel Schoeni, Nothing. Everything. A Review of Fulfillment: Winning and Losing in One-click America, by Alec MacGillisThe JAG Reporter (Feb. 17, 2022),

Lieutenant Colonel Daniel Schoeni & Mr. Christopher Yukins, Principles of Public Contracts in the United States in Les Principes des Contrats Publics en Europe (Stéphane de La Rosa & Patricia Valcárcel eds., 2022),

Major R. Scott Adams, Reciprocity and Respect: Strengthening a Key Alliance in Strategic Competition, J. Glob. Just. & Pub. Pol’y, Spring 2022,

Major Daria Awusah, A Corps-Wide Strategic Approach to Combating Vicarious TraumaThe JAG Reporter (June 24, 2022),

Major Garret Bowman, Securing the Precipitous Heights: U.S. Lawfare as a Means to Confront China at Sea, in Space, and Cyberspace, 34 Pace Int'l L. Rev. 81,

Major Andrew Bowne & Captain Ryan Holte, Acquiring Machine-Readable Data for an AI-Ready Department of the Air ForceThe JAG Reporter (Nov. 29, 2022),

Major Andrew Bowne & Mr. Benjamin McMartin, Implementing Responsible AI: Proposed Framework for Data Licensing, (Geo. Mason U. Center for Gov. Contracting, White Paper Series No. 10, 2022),

Major Andrew Bowne & Mr. Brandon Leshchinskiy, Digital Transformation is a Cultural Problem, Not a Technological OneWar on the Rocks (May 17, 2022),

Major Andrew Bowne, Industry Perspectives on Contracting with the Defense DepartmentCont. Mgmt. (July 2022),

Major Thomas R. Burks, Cyberspace, Electronic Warfare, and a Better Jus Ad Bellum Analogy, 82 A.F. L. Rev. 1 (2022),

Major John Cane, Trash or Treasure Trove? An In-Depth Analysis of the Application of Landfill Gas Technology to Meet Air Force Energy Requirements, 37 J. Envtl. L. & Litig. 123 (2022),

Major Anthony V. Chanrasmi, Preventing Protest Purgatory: Providing clarity by Placing Prototype Other Transaction Jurisdiction with the Court of Federal Claims, 230 Mil. L. Rev. 159 (2022),

Major Clayton Cox, Managing to InnovateArmy Law. 1, 58 (2022),

Major Jonathan Dial et al., HYPErsonic Missiles: The Path of TemptationWild Blue Yonder (July 15, 2022),

Major Erik Fuqua, Resurrecting the Monster? Protecting the Market from Unfettered COVID-19 Fraud Enforcement, 72 Syracuse L. Rev. 1113 (2022),

Major Erik Fuqua, Two Roads Converged In A Legal Wood: The Intersection of Litigation Funding and the False Claims Act, 19 Ind. Health L. Rev. 1 (2022),

Major Brian D. Green, Review of Johnson-Freese, Joan, Space Warfare in the 21st Century: Arming the Heavens, H-War, H-Net Reviews (Sept. 2022),

Major Brian D. Green, Review of Saiya, Nilay, Weapon of Peace: How Religious Liberty Combats TerrorismH-War, H-Net Reviews (Feb. 2022),

Major Jeremy Grunert, Sanctions and Satellites: The Space Industry After the Russo-Ukranian WarWar on the Rocks (June 10, 2022),

Major Jeremy Grunert, The Future of Western-Russian Civil-Space CooperationWar on the Rocks (May 26, 2022),

Major Jeremy Grunert, The United States Space Force and the Future of American Space Policy: Legal and Policy Implications in Studies in Space Law (Frans G. von der Dunk ed. 2022),

Major Allison K.W. Johnson, Veterans Day: Reflections on DeploymentThe JAG Reporter (Nov. 7, 2022),

Major Melissa L. KenThe Real Cost of 5G Technology: National Security Implications of 5G Implementation and Impact on the U.S.-China Relationship, 9 Nat’l Sec. L. J. 143 (2022),

Major Edwin C. Kisiel III, Environmental Law and Strategic Competition: Help or Hindrance?, 9 Nat’l Sec. L. J., no. 2, 2022,

Major Edwin C. Kisiel III, Surfing on Base, 82 A.F. L. Rev. 56 (2022),

Major Adam G. Mudge, Incentivizing ‘Active Debris Removal’ Following the Failure of Mitigation Measures to Solve the Space Debris Problem: Current Challenges and Future Strategies, 82 A.F. L. Rev. 88 (2022),

Major Ashley D. Norman, Ominous Oversight: The Usurpation of an Executive Agency’s Right to Candid and Independent Legal Advice During Prohibited Personnel Practices and Retaliation Investigations and Prosecutions, 82 A.F. L. Rev. 179 (2022),

Major Aaron R. Petty & Mr. Timothy M. Belsan, Citizenship Secured, 31 Transnational L. & Contemporary Problems 265 (2022),

Major Aaron R. Petty, Migrants as a Weapons System, 13 J. Nat’l Sec. L. & Pol’y 113 (2022),

Major Caroline Raines Greenfield, Eliminating “Built-In Headwinds”: Strengthening the Military by Integrating the Condition of Pregnancy, 45 Harv. J. L. & Gender 63 (2022),

Major Caroline Raines Greenfield, The Right of Women to Child Care in the United States, 63 B.C. L. Rev. E. Supp. I.-13 (2022),

Major Christopher Simmons, The Power is Yours: The Justification for Military Intervention to Respond to an Environmental Threat, 229 Mil. L. Rev. 567 (2022),

Major Steven L. Spencer II, More Than A Rake: Toward a Statutory Solution for Wildfire Threats to Department of Defense Installations, 62 Nat. Resources J. 79 (2022),

Major Jeffrey Sullivan, Compelled Decryption in the Military Justice System: Whether the Article 30a, UCMJ, Investigative Subpoena Is a Lawful and Practical Method to Obtain an Accused’s Electronic Device in an Unencrypted State, 230 Mil. L. Rev. 1 (2022),

Major Andrew H. Woodbury, Continuous Evaluation and Credit Reports: Ensuring Fairness In Current Security Clearance Reforms, 82 A.F. L. Rev. 224 (2022),

Captain Rocco Carbone III & Captain Christina Heath, A Review of 2022 Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces Updates to Military Rule of Evidence 513The JAG Reporter (Sept. 27, 2022),

Captain Andrea Ellis & Captain Diamond Zephir, Learning Disabilities in the U.S. Air Force: Becoming a More Inclusive ForceWild Blue Yonder (Oct. 6, 2022),

First Lieutenant Joshua Lee et al., Diplomatic Impact in the Stars? A Review of the Impact of the Artemis Accords on Global Relationships, 30 Cath. U. J. L. & Tech. 1 (2022),

Ms. Sharon J. Ackah, Special Education Legal AssistanceThe JAG Reporter, (Dec. 1, 2022),

Mr. Daniel M. Vadnais & Lieutenant Colonel Adam King, The DoD Safety Privilege: A Powerful Tool with an Interesting History, 31 The Mobility Forum, no. 3, 2022,

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