Guide serves as Air Force digital campaign repository

  • Published
  • By Estella Holmes
  • Air Force Materiel Command Public Affairs

WRIGHT-PATTERSON AIR FORCE BASE, Ohio-- The Department of the Air Force Digital Campaign Guide is an information strongbox for transformation efforts. The repository is a focal point for policy, training information, best practices, news, and resources relating to the digital transformation.

“The Air Force Digital Guide is the authoritative source of information about products being worked for the Department of the Air Force Digital Campaign. It provides the most current guidance on the transformation of programs throughout the Command,” said Robert Bond, Plans and Programs Engineer, Systems Engineering Division, Air Force Materiel Command.

The Air Force Digital Campaign Guide is two SharePoint sites. The guide supports the Digital Campaign and the Digital Transformation Office by providing a central location for updates.

The Department of the Air Force Digital Guide was created in September 2020, and the intent was to provide the champions and leads of the Digital Campaign lines of effort a way to communicate efficiently with functional communities across the Air Force.

Another objective was sharing information across the lines of effort along with an opportunity to explain how each goal is being accomplished.

“It opens the door for comments and critiques so that the Digital Campaign team can learn as we transform the Department of the Air Force,” said Bond.

The campaign was first initiated as a coalition of willing individuals from across the Air Force and Space Force, broken into the following lines of effort: Integrated Digital Environments (IT Infrastructure and Models/Tools), Standards and Data Architecture, Lifecycle Strategies and Processes, Policy and Guidance, and Workforce and Culture Changes.

There are two locations for the Digital Campaign Guide.

The first location is accessible only by Air Force representatives. It houses data, up to controlled unclassified information.

The second site is available on the All Partners Access Network. It contains unclassified materials which have been cleared for public release. Utilizing the APAN allows the Department of the Air Force to share the work from the Digital Campaign with industry, allied partners and all others in the Department of the Air Force.

The only major difference between the sites is the level of security of the information provided on each page.

The Digital Guide site is accessed on a regular basis by users from all over the Air Force. The Air Force SharePoint page, and the public page on APAN, are updated at least monthly with new videos, product files and informational materials.

The top of the webpage tracks the latest in Digital Transformation News, Upcoming Events and Success Stories from across the Air Force. A weekly situation report on the Digital Campaign lines of effort and working groups is also provided on the page.

“The Air Force Digital Guide is a very young, living document which is growing as fast as products are being worked by the transformation efforts,” said Bond. “Check back in periodically to see the work of the Digital Campaign as the guide evolves.”

The Air Force Digital Guide that is only accessible to Air Force representatives can be found at:

The public Air Force Digital Guide can be found at: