DOD Launches Financial Education Website for Military Spouses

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Military spouses often are the family's chief financial officer. From managing permanent-change-of-station moves to unexpected emergencies and changes in pay, there is little doubt about the importance of understanding the unique circumstances of managing personal finances in the military life.

In recognition of military spouses and the important role they have in keeping the force financially ready, The Department of Defense Office of Financial Readiness introduces MilSpouse Money Mission, a new financial education resource just for military spouses.

MilSpouse Money Mission is the DOD's primary resource designed for and to provide military spouses with trusted information they can use to be more empowered and actively be involved in making financial decisions for their families' financial well-being and achievement of financial goals, officials said.

MilSpouse Money Mission offers military spouses accessible, free financial education and resources, including:

  • Money Ready 

A guide to support the education of spouses in tackling a variety of financial topics most relevant to their current situations;

  • MilLife Milestones 

A resource to empower spouses to make smart money moves during life's big moments;

  • Videos 

‚ÄčFeaturing financial tips and tools by fellow military spouses;

  • Blog 

Real conversations covering the latest money-related topics and issues;

  • Resources

Military support links, financial calculators, quizzes and more to elevate financial literacy; and

  • Social Media 

A community of support and motivation to help spouses lead their best financial lives.

MilSpouse Money Mission aims to create a community for military spouses and to help them know where to turn for trusted financial education, officials explained. 

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(Courtesy of the Department of Defense Office of Financial Readiness.)