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Reservist dreams of flexing her ‘muscles’

ANDREWS AIR FORCE BASE, Md. -- Staff Sgt. Sharity Moses of the 459th Command Post dreams of competing. Now, she doesn’t want to run a marathon or beat tennis star Serena Williams. She just wants to flex—her muscles. Moses wants to become a professional bodybuilder.

“I’m really just starting, in the sense of body building,” said the command post controller. “I’m trying to condition myself. So you could say I’m a beginner.”

Even though she considers herself a beginner, she’s been actively working out for five years.

“My typical workout is for about an hour to an hour and a half,” she explained. “Each day a different body part is worked, and I do cardio three out of the five days.”

She admits her beginners’ mentality is more evident in her eating habits.

“Right now I don’t have a special diet, but I’m working on it,” she said. “I’m trying to get myself on a set eating schedule and plan, because right now I eat all day, and unhealthy.”

Moses is not only working on her diet, she is also looking for a personal trainer.

“At each base I’ve been stationed on, I’ve had a personal trainer. Right now I’m looking for one where I currently work so I can get back on my regular schedule,” she said.

Moses realizes that her physical capabilities are not the only assets for success in this sport. She has to be mentally strong as well.

“When I first started working out really hard like three years ago, I was gaining a lot of muscle and weight. My neck was starting to spread and my shoulders were getting bulk,” Moses said. “I got a lot of stares and a few comments about my sexuality, which was enough to make me stop.

“This is a male dominated sport, and there are many stereotypes about women who compete in bodybuilding,” she explained. “Most people think that women bodybuilders are manly, when that is not the case. There are plenty of women that look and act very feminine when not training.

“I’m now a little more mature and I know that I can still carry the muscle and be feminine at the same time,” she said.

Has Moses had her chance on the big stage yet to flex her muscles?

“No, I haven’t. I’m still working on getting into competitions,” she explained. “So most of the time, I’m reading up on the most recent events in bodybuilding. Yes, I buy the muscle magazines.” One day, Moses may open up one of those ‘muscle’ magazines and see her picture. And it will all stem from a dream. “It is hard work and it takes a lot of determination,” she said. “You have to want it.” Moses wants it.