America's Airman: A1C Kody E. Welsh

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(America’s Airman is a weekly article highlighting a member of the JBA community)


Honesdale, Pennsylvania 

Why do you serve?

I decided to serve so I could travel as well as introduce myself to new and different opportunities.

How does your job impact the wing's mission?

I’m a fire fighting and refueling vehicle technician responsible for service of the Airfields support equipment that keeps the many missions on Joint Base Andrews moving. It’s my responsibility to inspect, troubleshoot and repair some of the most sophisticated vehicles in the Air Force. We perform bumper to bumper maintenance and ensure each piece of equipment is safe and serviceable. We also perform maintenance to the Wing's snow removal equipment and provide 24 hour maintenance support during snow removal operations. There are many people on this installation as well as down range that depend on me to do my job to the best of my ability. Doing so ensures the flying mission at JBA goes uninterrupted.

What's been your favorite assignment/TDY and why?

My favorite TDY was to Wichita Falls, Texas were I was hand selected for the unique opportunity to attend refueling maintenance school. While there I experienced top notch maintenance education. It expanded my knowledge and provided me with the opportunity to share my experience with other technicians who don’t have the opportunity to perform these repairs here but will be vital to them when they deploy and PCS. At the schoolhouse I learned vehicle operations as well as vehicle capabilities. Though refueling maintenance is contracted here, learning this unique maintenance provided me with a special skillset that I will need when called upon to deploy downrange. 

How does your job impact the wing's mission?
How does your job impact the wing's mission?
How does your job impact the wing's mission?
How does your job impact the wing's mission