New tech changes the game for Security Forces

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Delano Scott
  • 11th Wing Public Affairs

In an effort to enhance productivity and security effectiveness, the 11th Security Forces Group recently began issuing tablets for defenders to use in the field.

 “This is definitely a stepping stone for security forces to embrace the 21st century,” said Staff Sgt. Matthew Broline, 11th Security Support Squadron cyber security liaison. “We’re moving forward and using technology to our advantage so that we become better at our jobs.”

 The rollout of the tablets will occur in phases. They will first serve as offline PDF readers while eventually becoming common access card and Wi-Fi enabled. As PDF readers, the tablets will contain security forces operating instructions, a patrolman kit, the Maryland code book for tickets, base maps and entry authorization list.

 Before utilizing tablets, the base’s Visitor Control Center would have to print hundreds of pages of documents each day so that each base access gate would have the up-to-date information. Now, defenders no longer have to weed through numerous papers.

 “In addition to saving paper, the tablets make it easier for defenders to look people up on the entry authorization list,” Broline said. “Instead of flipping through 10-20 pages and searching for one specific name, gate guards are now able to simply type in a name and check their access status quickly.”

 The tablets also contain defender’s study material for upgrade training.

 “Having study material at the tip of your fingertips is crucial because it allows you to read up and become even more effective at your job,” Broline added.

 Normally when individuals are introduced with new technology, the issue of learning how to operate it arises as a common challenge. However, as many defenders already have at least some familiarity with operating tablets, the biggest challenge that presented itself was how to best utilize them to make the technology as effective as possible.

 “There are a lot of ideas that we’re trying to incorporate into the tablets,” said Senior Airman Marco Castro, 11th SFG VCC technician. “We have plans to upload even more forms and more documents – anything we can do to make us better.”