HQ ARPC AGR Announcement

  • Published
  • HQ Air Reserve Personnel Center

Due to the dynamic environment brought on by the COVID-19 response, HQ ARPC has implemented the following changes to the Active Guard Reserve (AGR) program to better serve our Reserve Citizen Airmen.  

-All April vacancy advertisements will be extended from 15 April close out
to 30 April.  This change only applies to April advertisements. Future changes will be communicated by HQ ARPC if needed.

-HQ ARPC will accept additional vacancy requests until 3 April.

-All response timelines from HQ ARPC are extended seven days.

-All assignment report no later than dates (RNLTDs) will extend to 120 days for both PCAs and PCSs. When stop movement restrictions are lifted, current AGRs will be authorized to report early (requires coordination with gaining/losing unit
and ARPC, orders are not adjusted).

-Time on station (TOS) waiver approval will be strictly controlled; TOS waiver requests for reassignment will not be authorized unless no other qualified candidates applied

For a list of current AGR vacancies and instructions to apply, visit the Assignments page on the HQ ARPC website.    

Individuals with questions or concerns may reach HQ ARPC by submitting a general inquiry from the AGR myPers page; 
https://mypers.af.mil/app/answers/detail/a_id/21781/p/17/c/20 or by calling
the TFSC:  1-800-525-0102.